Featuring ARTISTIX Fashion

With Art, Rock-n-Roll, and Streetwear embedded into one brand, Artistix is truly the triple threat when it comes to fashion. Owned and Designed by abstract canvas artist Greg Polisseni and marketed by the sartorial mastermind Andy Hilfiger, Artistix continues to be an impressive force for the casual quo.

Held in the Rolls Royce Showroom in Downtown Manhattan (Chelsea Piers), all we could do was be amazed by the venue selection from the jump. New York Fashion Week has been quite the experience the last two seasons, but Artistix truly outdid themselves this year. With red carpet accommodation, millions of dollars worth of cars, and Tommy Hilfiger himself in attendance- there was a sense of majesty that flowed through the air, and our team was honored to be a part of another great presentation.

Accompanied by our Photographer Joaquin Moncada and model Jessica Rose, we watched as crowds of people poured into the showroom to experience Artistix newest collection “Bellezza”. The collection was a solid display of ready-to-wear pieces that dazzled the audience with contemporary eccentricity. Differing from their last collection Evolution, which focused on vibrant color palettes, Bellezza took a more pragmatic approach pertaining to tones and hues. What stood out most was the ‘still waters run deep’ factor, as the simplicity of this seasons designs steered away from flashy and funk, and tackled a more natural appeal to suit its purpose.

It was great to see the range of abilities Greg and Andy possess when it comes to the direction of each collection thus far. Bellezza was the balance needed to separate the extremely intricate details of their earlier releases, and showed the world that they can play in the realms of clean and crisp as well. All in all, when you look back at the entire body of work Artistix has displayed from past and present, you will realize how well-rounded and articulate the journey has been. And the only thing left to do is appreciate the creative savviness that has been put forth for all to witness.